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,Think about it!,? What do you know about Easter? Do you often search for ination on the Internet? How?,Words & expressions,laptop Easter enter key search topic depend bunny hide,n. 笔记本电脑 n. 复活节 v. 输入;
进入 n. 关键;
钥匙 n. &v. 搜索;
查找 n. 话题 v. 依靠;
取决于 n. 兔子 v. 隐藏;
躲避,Objectives,To understand the passage about Easter. 2. To learn some useful words and expressions to introduce a festival.,Words: enter key search topic depend hide,Expressions: search engine depend on Easter Bunny fall on in this way search for,Read and answer.,1. How did the girl search for ination on the Internet? She entered some key words into a search engine to find ination on the topic. 2. What did Ms. Liu ask her students to write about? She asked her students to write a report about Easter. 3. Is Easter an important festival in Chinese culture? No, it isn’t.,4. When is Easter? It is always in March or April. 5. What do children do on Easter Day? Children have egg hunts and eat chocolate rabbits. 6. What are symbols of Easter? Rabbits and eggs.,Language points,1. Do you often search for ination on the Internet? 你经常在网上搜索信息吗? search for 寻找;
搜索 You can search for and find reviews online, too. 你也可以在网上搜索查找相关评论。

You must examine how users may search for your page. 你必须研究用户可能怎样搜索你的页面。,2. I entered some key words into a search engine to find ination on this topic. 我输入一些关键字在搜索引擎中找到关于这 个话题的信息。

key n. 键;
钥匙 They put the key in the door and entered. 他们用钥匙开了门然后走了进去。

The key to success is to be ready from the start. 成功的关键是从一开始就做好准备。,key adj. 重要的;
关键的 He is one of our key thinkers on the future of humanity in the cosmos. 他在人类的宇宙前景上这个问题上,是一位 重要的思考者。

What are the key trends you could share with us? 在关键趋势上您有什么想法可以分享的么? search engine 搜索引擎 Do you want the search engine to see every page on your website? 你是否希望搜索引擎能看到你网站上的每一 页面?,3. Easter does not fall on the same day each year. 每年复活节不落在同一天。

fall on 落到;
指向 But it is lucky that the jug did not fall on my head. 幸亏罐子没有砸在我头上,这真是不幸中的 万幸。

It is well known that the rain-drops on the roof are smaller than those that fall on the street. 正如我们所知道的,落在屋顶的雨滴比落在 街上的雨滴要小一些。,The date depends on the moon……. 日期取决于月亮…… depend on 取决于;
依靠 I depend on my pen for a living. 我靠写作为生。

You shouldn’t listen to the rumour. You can depend on me. 你可别听信流言蜚语,你可以信赖我。

All depends on the weather. 一切取决于天气。,

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